Vans X Nintendo Collection


As of 3rd June 2016, the ever-so-popular Vans made every 90’s kid’s dreams come true by collaborating with Nintendo on their latest collection. The collection features a variety of classic Vans designs reimagined with pops of 8-bit artwork of Nintendo’s iconic characters. A tribute to the early days of video gaming, the collection epitomises every bit of the cool and punk culture that the brand is well-known for. The most unique and fun feature of this collection is that each and every pair of shoes has the infamous ‘Game Over!’ sign printed on the bottom of the soles. Whether you’re a Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, or Legend of Zelda fan, there’s something for everyone.


Personally, we can’t wait to get our hands on a pair of the Princess Peach original low-tops!

To view the entire collection and shop your favourite 90’s inspired kicks, head over to the Vans website.


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