13 Leading Ladies Who Were A Vision In Black On The Golden Globes Red Carpet!

The de facto dress code for this year’s Golden Globes Red Carpet may have been fifty shades of black but these leading ladies didn’t let that dull their shine!

In case you were confused by the sea of black that took over the Golden Globes Red Carpet, allow us to clue you in. Celebrities attending the awards and walking last evening’s red carpet, men and women alike, took to wearing black as a show of solidarity for the viral movement #TimesUpNow, in support of victims of abuse, harassment and assault, a movement that has been taking social media by storm since we ushered in the new year

Black, a colour once symbolic of oppression, segregation and silence, was reimagined and renewed with the ideals of equality and empowerment, and we have to say, these 13 ladies looked pretty powerful as they stood united and strutted their stuff.

From silver screen stalwarts to everyone’s favourite TV prima donnas, these were some of the most stylish looks of the evening!

Emilia Clarke In Miu Miu Golden Globes Red Carpet

1.Emilia Clarke In Miu Miu

Gal Gadot In Tom Ford Golden Globes Red Carpet

2.Gal Gadot In Tom Ford

Jessica Biel In Christian Dior Couture Golden Globes Red Carpet

3.Jessica Biel In Christian Dior Couture

Kerry Washington In Prabal Gurung Golden Globes Red Carpet

4.Kerry Washington In Prabal Gurung

Reese Witherspoon In Zac Posen Golden Globes Red Carpet

5.Reese Witherspoon In Zac Posen

Zoe Kravitz In Saint Laurent Golden Globes Red Carpet

6.Zoe Kravitz In Saint Laurent

Viola Davis In Brandon Maxwell Golden Globes Red Carpet

7.Viola Davis In Brandon Maxwell

Nicole Kidman In Givenchy Couture Golden Globes Red Carpet

8.Nicole Kidman In Givenchy Couture

Dakota Johnson In Gucci Golden Globes Red Carpet

9.Dakota Johnson In Gucci

Diane Kruger In Prada Golden Globes Red Carpet

10.Diane Kruger In Prada

Claire Foy In Stella McCartney Golden Globes Red Carpet

11.Claire Foy In Stella McCartney

Millie Bobby Brown In Calvin Klein Golden Globes Red Carpet

12.Millie Bobby Brown In Calvin Klein

Kendall Jenner In Giambattista Valli Couture Golden Globes Red Carpet

13. Kendall Jenner In Giambattista Valli Couture


While you swoon over these glamorous divas and their even more stunning outfits, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that fashion isn’t merely about what you what you wear but a powerful tool of self-expression with the ability to affect social change, just like the voices and beliefs of these strong women we love so very much! 


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