5 Reasons To Rock The ‘Dress Over Jeans’ Trend

The latest trend in a long line of strange fashion fads is the dress-over-jeans look — and we have to say, we absolutely love it! 

Around this time last year, one of our favourite street style gurus, the sensational Leandra Medine of the famed Man Repeller, introduced us to a trend that she had been rocking since forever.


dress-over-jeans leandra medine man repeller

Image Courtesy: Man Repeller


Then, a few months later, lo and behold, we spotted it on almost every other fashion influencer in the Western hemisphere.


dress-over-jeans 1

Image Courtesy: Elle

dress-over-jeans 2

Image Courtesy: Elle


Finally, and although it took a while roll around East, we recently noticed some of our most-loved Bollywood divas diving right into the deep-end of this polarising trend. 


dress-over-jeans Deepika Padukone

Image Courtesy: Grazia India


dress-over-jeans sonam kapoor rhea kapoor

Image Courtesy: Rhea Kapoor Instagram


Yes, not everybody was born looking like Sonam or Deepika, but whether you love it or hate it, you can’t argue that this trend certainly has many practical benefits.

1. To start out with, it’s the easiest way to transition your summer wardrobe into the cooler months. All those gorgeous dresses you sported while the sun shined bright and hot will slowly find their way into the back of your wardrobe, but with this trend, they’ll keep going strong for another couple months. 


dress-over-jeans 3

Image Courtesy: Elle


2. Numero dos is for when you aren’t feeling fit enough to wear that sexy little number but want to rock it anyway. Tuck away those annoying rolls and bulges under the comfort of your jeans and you’re ready to dance the night away.


dress-over-jeans 4

Image Courtesy: Elle


3Another reason to rock a pair of denim under a dress it to make it more casual or day appropriate. Yes, we’re talking about the embellished dress that you almost never wear because it’s way too extra (with a capital x)! 


dress-over-jeans 5

Image Courtesy: PopSugar Fashion


4And since we’re on the subject of ‘extra’, let’s talk about that dress with a thigh-high slit? While we all wish our alter-egos were as fierce as Sasha Fierce, even Beyoncé knows when to play chill. Throw it over a pair of jeans and voila! (You can thank us later.)


dress-over-jeans 6

Image Courtesy: PopSugar Fashion


5And the best part of it all? Our favourite reason if we may say so — you don’t even need to bother shaving your legs… duh


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