Christian Louboutin And Sabyasachi’s New Collaboration Is Pure Fashion Magic!

Christian Louboutin and Sabyasachi collaborate again on a collection that will leave you with butterflies and goosebumps all at once!

The exclusive collection, which launches in London on the 11th of October, features nineteen different styles created using treasures from Sabyasachi’s legendary archives. Cuttings from old sarees and borders come together to form something of a mosaic, a tribute to what Louboutin claims is some of the finest and most luxurious handicrafts in the world. When speaking of Sabyasachi’s studio in a recent interview with Vogue UK, Louboutin refers to it as “a type of Ali Baba cave — a profusion of colours, of beads, and of beauty in general.” Every piece is a mélange of fabrics and textures, “a lot of beautiful things which are sort of just put on the side, leftovers”, resulting in something that’s completely unique, yet true to the aesthetic and style of both designers. 


Christian Louboutin And Sabyasachi Working Together

Image Courtesy: Vogue UK


A mesmerizing myriad of colours and crafts, this collection is classic couture reimagined with a dose of signature Louboutin pizzazz. Lustrous brocade, intricate zari embroidery and rich zardozi appliqué are juxtaposed against gleaming gold studs and spikes and Louboutin’s trademark red lacquer soles. 


Christian Louboutin And Sabyasachi New Collaboration 1

Image Courtesy: Christian Louboutin World

Christian Louboutin And Sabyasachi New Collaboration 2

Image Courtesy: Christian Louboutin World


Louboutin’s approach to his work and his life is that of pure passion and enthusiasm and this same joie de vivre is clearly reflected in this collection, which arrives just in time for Louboutin’s 25th anniversary celebration, marking a quarter of a century of the maestro’s revolutionary designs and cementing his fashion legacy for decades to come.

The designer duo will embark on a world tour for the following month, starting in London, then on to New York, LA, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, and culminating in Paris on the 9th of November.

To discover the magic and view the entire collection, check out Louboutin World here.

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